Symphony @ The Museum


Do you experience art differently if you use the other senses? What if you can smell, listen and feel artworks? With these questions, three master students from the Art Sense(s) Lab of PXL MAD School of Arts, Hasselt, went to work at Museum M van Leuven. The results can be seen, felt, smelled and tested during the And& festival this week in Leuven.

Impact of senses on art experience

In October 2017, the Symphony @ the museum project won the Cross Over Contest from Leuven Mindgate. The following questions are central to this project. How do taste, smell or sense of touch influence our view on art? And what emotions does art evoke? Three master students of PXL-MAD School of Arts worked on this further. Each of them designed a multi-sensory installation, inspired by the works from the M collection. You can now find these experimental interventions in the collection presentation. While the museum visitor looks at art, different senses are addressed. 


Visit the exhibition 

May 3 - 8, 2018

Museum M Leuven