Art & Research Meet in Museum M - A collaboration of Art Sense(s) Lab / PXL-MAD School of Arts, Museum-M Leuven and Haystack

Since October 2017, Museum M  Leuven,  Art Sense(s) Lab of the PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt and market research company Haystack International, have been collaborating in an innovative approach towards the museum’s visit. This collaboration, called ‘Symphony @ the museum’ won the Leuven MindGate Cross-Over contest for the research focused on the multi-sensory engagement in the museum.

In this context three master students from Art Sense(s) Lab have created site specific works to be displayed among the permanent collection of M.

The works involve more than the traditional senses, incorporating smell and touch, as a daring way to engage the audience with extra layers of experience.

One of the goals of the collaboration is to assess the museum’s visit, where the encounter with artworks and artifacts can be enhanced by the use of the nearby senses. The project includes actual measurements and evaluation by research company Haystack International. The question is: in what way can a multi-sensory art experience fasten the heartbeat of the museum visitor? How much can the nearby senses enrich the experience of art exhibitions?

These experimental interventions can be seen, smelled, heard and felt at M, from 25th to 30th January and again, during the Festival running in Leuven between May 3rd and 8th, 2018.

Museum M Leuven:

Haystack International: https://haystack-international.comm

Art Sense(s) Lab:

PXL-MAD School of Arts:

Leuven MindGate

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