Tactile sound installation, 2017

The intervention in this room proposes a parallel journey into the studio of the old masters by engaging you in a conversation with artefacts and their stories. You may explore and feel the objects with your own hands, and thus develop an intimate connection with them. By touching, feeling and making up stories about these artefacts, the experience evokes an imaginary time travel that spans different eras.

If the evolution of mankind is analogous to the evolution of tools, isn't the human hand the glorious protagonist? 'Contact' pays tribute to craftsmanship, both in the past and in the present, whereby raw materials, handmade objects and computer-aided sculptures are placed side by side without a special hierarchy. This tactile collection opens a debate about the status of the art object, its historical and aesthetic values ​​within the museum context. Are these artefacts original? How old are they? What is the value of a work of art?

Be inspired by this encounter with the ritualistic images in the Masters of Sculpture room and become familiar with their creative process. Through this visit you may become aware of your own skills, vitality and potential to transform and to give a meaning to the world that we live in.


Ludmila Rodrigues (1979, Rio de Janeiro) investigates sensory and social experiences by creating spaces, situations and devices to physically involve the audience. She is looking for playful strategies to strengthen the power and the embodiment of intelligence, through tactile and intuitive explorations. Rodrigues has a degree in Architecture and a background in Art and Dance.




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